Make the Most of Your Marriott Timeshare

Are You Maximizing Your Marriott Timeshare Experience?

One of the reasons that Marriott Vacation Club members love their timeshare is because of the huge number of destinations they can visit. The Vacation Club features more than 50 world-class resorts and 6,700 Marriott Hotels throughout the world. There’s a certain satisfaction in knowing that at any moment, you could pick up and travel to the Caribbean to use your Marriott timeshare.

Of course, that’s not always the case. Life gets busy, and we don’t always have the time for travel that we wish we did. In moments like this, letting your timeshare points build up leaves you with a lot of “what if?” type questions running through your head. Don’t fret, however. Resort Travel Management is here to help you maximize your Marriott Vacation Club experience. Check it out!

Start Getting Cash for Your Unused Marriott Points Today

  • We offer some of the best prices out there for your unused MVC points.
  • No need to worry. We handle marketing, renting, and selling your points for you!
  • Our process is contract-free for a hassle-free experience.
  • Sell as many or as few points as you want, and still use your timeshare on your terms.
  • Use our owner portal to track your Marriott reservations and payments.
  • We are confident that your points will sell!


The Marriott Vacation Club is all about connecting owners with unforgettable experiences. Members can access an impressive number of resorts, hotels, tours, cruises, and travel opportunities that take them all over the world. The Vacation Club is one of the most expansive timeshare programs offered and can connect you to places and spaces that are truly life-changing. When you become an owner, you’ll have access to world-class resorts for weeks on end.


When you enroll in the Marriott Vacation Club, you can purchase points that open up a variety of options for places to stay and adventures to enjoy. The more points you purchase, the more options open up to you. This means that you can tailor your experience based on how much you want to spend. Every year, you'll get a new allotment of Vacation Club points. But there might be some years when you don't get to spend all of them, or any of them, for that matter. Your Marriott points are valid from January 1 - December 31 of each year. As an owner, you have the option to bank your points into next year, if you choose to, which allows these points to be saved from expiration.


Get More Out of Your Marriott Vacation Club

Saving your points for a huge trip is one thing, but letting them pile up can be a headache. Rather than endlessly banking your Vacation Club points, wouldn’t you rather put them to good use?


There’s no denying that being an owner in the Marriott Vacation Club is a great investment. What other program allows you to do so much whenever you want? But that doesn’t mean that this investment isn’t without its costs. Selling your timeshare points frees up your cash flow, allowing you to invest in your other interests, hobbies, and pursuits.


As part of a timeshare program, everyone does their part to maintain the resorts and properties within the Marriott Vacation Club. There are annual maintenance fees and club dues with costs that vary based on how many Vacation Club points you’ve purchased. If you’re not using your timeshare points, paying these fees just takes money out of your pocket with little in the way of return. When you sell your timeshare points to Resort Travel Management, you can use your cash payout to help cover these annual fees.


Just because you’re selling your timeshare points to Resort Travel Management doesn’t mean you lose access to your timeshare entirely. In fact, you can still use as many points as you need whenever you need them! Many of our clients go on vacation each year and only use a portion of their points. Rather than rolling them over and banking them for next year, they sell us the remaining points. This is a great way to enjoy your timeshare while still bringing in a little extra money each year.

Do More With Your Timeshare. Sell Your Marriott Points Now

How the Resort Travel Management Program Works

When it comes to selling your timeshare points, you want to make sure that you work with the best. Our agents made their careers working in the timeshare industry and know it better than even the timeshare companies. With more than 20 years of experience, we’ve streamlined our program so that it makes sense for everyone!

Paying You For Your Timeshare Points

Marriott owners will be paid $.35 per point across the board, for any reservation that is booked using their points. There is no difference in payout by membership level, as all points at all levels have the same booking power. So how do you get your cash payout fast?

Sign Up

Signing up for the Resort Travel Management program is easy. Just connect with one of our travel reps and let them know how many Vacation Club points you want to sell. We'll also enroll you in our owner portal so you can manage how many points you sell and keep track of payments and reservations.

We Find a Renter

After you’ve enrolled in our program, you get to kick back and relax while our team of travel agents handle everything. Over the years, we’ve created an extensive network of timeshare point buyers who are looking for the opportunity to enjoy a vacation.

We vet all of our renters to ensure that they’ll treat your timeshare property with the same kind of respect that you do. Of course, in the event that your property is damaged while another renter is using it, you won’t be held responsible for any repairs or cleaning required.

One of the reasons we have so many eager renters to sell your points to is because we know the ins and outs of the timeshare industry. We connect our renters with great resources about where to go, where to eat, and even some of the best kept secrets at each resort or destination.

You Receive Your Cash Payout

And that’s it! Once we’ve secured the reservation and found a buyer for your points, we send you a check for the amount we owe you. At $0.35 a point, your cash payout lets you do more with your timeshare. Your check should arrive within two to three weeks after the reservation has been made.

With other companies, there is no clarity and never benefits the owner. Resort Travel Management is dedicated to offering the best customer experience possible, so our process is free of any fees or hidden charges. That means you're getting the best possible value for your timeshare points! You’ll never be charged any guest or resort fees, and you’ll never see any other deductions from your payout. The renter covers those fees as part of their reservations.

How can we afford to offer this fee-free program? Our timeshare company generates revenue on the reservation fees we charge to our rental clients and customers.

Our Guarantee

Our competitors make bold claims and outstanding promises about their work, but they don’t always deliver. We've seen many companies go out of business, but Resort Travel Management is different. We guarantee our work, and that guarantee is simple. We are confident that we will sell your points!

We’ll rent your timeshare, and we’ll pay you.

We are confident about this because of our extensive track record, stellar network of buyers, and our detailed knowledge of the timeshare industry.

Get Your Property on the Market for Others to Enjoy

Don’t let the hassle of finding a renter deter you from selling your timeshare points. We manage this process for you. We have a network of eager buyers who want to enjoy the timeshare experience and are willing to buy your points to do it!

Let Us Handle the Transaction

In any transaction, there can be a lot to manage — contracts, agreements, invoices, payments. If selling your vacation points starts to sound like a second job, it can keep you from selling them in the first place. That’s why we handle all of this for you. All you need to do is tell us how many points you want to sell, and we’ll find someone to buy them. From there, we send you your cash payout and that’s that!

Get Paid for Your Unused Timeshare Points

Once your check arrives, you can use the money however you please. Pay off your management and maintenance fees, take your friends and loved ones to dinner, or invest in another adventure!

Get Paid for Points: We Buy Your Unused Marriott Points


Our team wants you to enjoy every part of your Marriott Vacation Club membership, even when you’re not using it! We have detailed knowledge of the Vacation Club program and can help you make smart decisions about your vacation experiences and your timeshare management.

Flexible Timeshare Management

We’ve made our system as flexible as possible. When you’re ready to sell your points, you just call your Resort Travel Management representative and we’ll take care of it for you. You can rent the majority of your points to maximize your payout or sell whatever you don’t use for the year. Plus, if you change your mind, you can call us, and we’ll make adjustments as needed. We sell your points quickly, so make sure you call us as soon as you need to make a change to your timeshare plans.

So What’s the Catch?

The only catch? We just ask that your maintenance fees are current and paid for.

Enroll Now and Start Earning Cash Today!

If you’re spending more time managing your Marriott Vacation Club points than you are actually using them, it’s time to give the travel experts at Resort Travel Management a call. Rather than letting these points rollover or expire, we can help you sell them and get a cash payout! You can use this money however you want to cover your rental and maintenance costs, pay for other trips, and more!


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