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Rent your unused points for cash!

Resort Travel Management is the best way to unload your HGV Max & The Club points. We are a company that connects those looking to rent their timeshare points with those who are eager to book a reservation. If you're stuck with HGV Max timeshare points, don't fret. We're here to give you cash for your points. Not only do we offer cash for your points, but we also market your property and find renters for you! Contact us today to get started!

Benefits of Renting HGV Max & The Club Timeshare Points:

  • Quick and efficient rentals, most reservation are paid within 45 days or less of booking

  • Cover the cost of your ever increasing maintenance fees

  • We do all the work, including marketing and renting the points, guest interactions and collecting payments

  • Additional income for qualifying VIP memberships

  • We can guarantee to rent your points

  • An owner’s portal to track HGV Max & The Club rental reservations

  • We will cover any reservation or transaction fees that may occur when booking a reservation. No fees will be deducted from your rental payments

  • Get a referral bonus when you sign up a qualified timeshare point owner

Timeshares are great, when you get to use them. But when you are too busy to enjoy a vacation it can be hard to watch your points build up with no plans of using them in the near future. Instead of sitting on a pile of timeshare points that you may not use in the next few years, rent them with the help of Resort Travel Management! There are many reasons why you should sell your points.

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How It Works

When you work with Resort Travel Management, we work hard to make it a smooth process. We make it easy to rent your points for cash and take care of the entire process for you. There are a few simple steps that will lead to cash in your pocket and allow you to get the most out of your timeshare.

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Step 1 — Sign up with Resort Travel Management!

The first step in the process is to sign up with Resort Travel Management. Get in contact with us and let us know how many points you want to sell. You will not be hit with hidden fees, and we will even cover the reservation fees that are needed to complete rentals.

HGV Max & The Club uses a tiered membership points program, and we offer various payouts depending on the level of membership an owner has.

HGV Max:

  • Centum+ - 100k+ pts - $.18
  • Premier+ - 54k to 99,999 pts - $.18
  • Premier - 38k to 53,999 pts - $.17
  • Preferred+ - 22k to 37,999 pts - $.16
  • Preferred - 17k to 21,999 pts - $.15
  • Member - up to 16,999 pts - $.15

The Club (formerly Diamond):

  • Platinum - $.20
  • Gold - $.18
  • Silver - $.16
  • Club - $.15

Our goal is to be transparent and ensure that you know exactly what you are getting. We are here to help you sell your points and get the most out of your timeshare. Once we discuss how many points you want to sell, our team will get to work.

Step 2 — We Find Renters

Once you sell us your unused points, you can sit back and relax while we do what we do best. We will take care of everything from marketing your timeshare to finding renters to getting your timeshare filled. We have a client base that is full of people who are ready to travel, making it easy for us to get your timeshare rented and get money in your pocket. Our team is knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced, and we’re confident that we will get your timeshare rented. You won’t have to worry about sitting out unused points, finding someone to rent your timeshare, or anything else, we will do it all and send you the check.

Step 3 — Enjoy Some Extra Cash

Once we find a renter for your timeshare, you will receive a check in the mail. You no longer have to stress about unused points and feel like you are wasting money on a timeshare you don’t use enough. We will sell any unused points to help you earn some extra money. You can expect to be paid within 7 to 14 days after the reservation checks in. We offer a quick turnaround time so you can receive your first check within the first month of working with us and joining our rental program.


When you first invested in your HGV Max & The Club timeshare, you likely thought that you would be going on vacation regularly and that you would be using all of the points you earned. But life can get busy, whether because of your job, your family, or whatever other reason. You may not have ended up traveling as much as you had hoped, and even if you do end up traveling and using your timeshare, you may not be able to use all the points you earn every year. Instead of sitting on a bunch of unused points, you could be sitting on extra cash! There are many reasons why working with us can be beneficial and help you get the most out of your HGV Max & The Club timeshare.

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Provides You Additional Income

Selling your timeshare points can help you get extra money simply. The more points you have to sell, the more money you will make! It is truly that easy to get an additional income from your unused timeshare points. By renting your timeshare, you can start bringing in more money while we do all the work!

If you have a qualifying membership, you can be enrolled into a secondary rental program with incentives that can earn you up to an average of $2,400 additional per year.

Experienced Team

One benefit of working with Resort Travel Management as opposed to a different company is that our team is built with a ton of knowledge and experience. We have decades of experience working in the timeshare industry. We know what sells and when your points will be most valuable. We are committed to providing you with the best customer service. We are extremely transparent in what we do and will provide a straightforward approach to every reservation. You will never have to worry about your timeshare, points, or getting paid when you work with us.

No Hidden Fees

As mentioned, we are committed to transparency. When you choose to work with Resort Travel Management, you will not have to worry about hidden fees or a contract. We will never charge any guest/resort fees to the owner, and will never deduct from a payout. Fees vary depending on the account if they are part of the HGVMAX program or are grandfathered in The Club, those fees are included in the cost of the guest’s reservation.

Quick Turnaround

When you work with us, you can expect to get paid for your timeshare quickly. Since our team is so knowledgeable and experienced, and because of our fast paced demand, we are able to provide payments quickly, and the time from check-in of a reservation to the time you get paid is very short. This means you don’t have to wait for months to get paid for your timeshare points. We will work quickly to get your timeshare rented and send you the check!


Hassle Free Hustle

If you have a qualifying membership, you can be enrolled into a secondary rental program with incentives that can earn you an average of $2,400 additional per year.

Resort Travel Management takes care of the entire rental process, including accurately marketing the property, securing guest reservations, even check-in emergencies. Oftentimes, customers have a lot of questions, so we work hard to ensure that we are familiar with the surrounding areas, and the properties themselves, so that the guests won’t have to do all of the legwork. No guessing games.

There are many reasons why working with Resort Travel Managements is a great option for you and can help you get the most out of your HGV Max & The Club timeshare. When you have unused timeshare points that you no longer want to stress about, be sure to contact Resort Travel Management. We can help you sell your HGV Max & The Club timeshare points for money. All you have to do is tell us how many points you want to sell and we will take care of the rest. You will love working with our team and love getting the most out of your timeshare, even when you aren’t using it!

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