Are there any fees to sell my timeshare points? How much does this program cost?

There are no fees! There is no cost to sell your points. We pay you. Remember: we will NEVER ask for any fees! We do not require legal fees, contract fees or any sort of payment. If someone is asking you for money up front, that is not our business. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

How can you offer a timeshare point program without fees?

We generate revenue on reservation fees charged to our renting clients.

Do I have to do any work to get a reservation to sell my timeshare points?

No. We do all of the work for you. We are a full service rental agency. We handle the entire rental process, selling your points to other clients who are eager to rent a timeshare.

Can I sell more points if I’d like?

Certainly. We’re flexible so you can be flexible. If you’re planning to use some vacation points, but can’t decide how many to keep right away, don’t fret. You can always sell more points throughout the year.

Can I reclaim any points after I’ve authorized to sell them?

Yes you can, but we do our best to rent your points as quickly as possible, so please check with us. Our clients may also borrow points for the following year for reservations.

Am I responsible for any damages that renters make?

No, the resort will ask for a security deposit from the guest at check in for any incidentals.

When do you send a payment for my timeshare points?

Payments are mailed or sent via ACH 7-14 days after guests check in.

Is this an annual enrollment?

We’re flexible. When you sign up for our program you can authorize as many points as you would like on an annual basis. You always have the option to pause the rental of your timeshare points at any time.

Why do I have to provide a W9?

The government requires that we issue a 1099 form for anyone receiving more than $600 on rental proceeds.

How long have you been in business?

Our agents have been in the timeshare points rental business for over 15 years. We established our wholly dedicated travel business in 2014.