Make the most of your Bluegreen timeshare!

If you’re like most people, you don’t use your timeshare as often as you’d like.

But what if there was a way to get more out of your investment? Resort Travel Management offers a unique solution – we’ll market your timeshare to renters and send you the cash! You won’t have to worry about any maintenance or contract fees – we’ll take care of everything. And you can use your timeshare however you want, without any restrictions. So why wait? Take advantage of your Bluegreen timeshare year-round by working with Resort Travel Management and start maximizing your timeshare!

Benefits of Selling Bluegreen Timeshare Points with Resort Travel Management

We’ll do all the work for you, including marketing, renting, and selling your points. Plus, we offer a generous referral bonus when you sign up a qualified timeshare point owner. Best of all, there are no up front fees with our program.You can still use your timeshare whenever you want, without any restrictions. And you’ll have access to our owner portal which will allow you to track all of your Bluegreen rental reservations, the number of points we’re currently working with, and when you’ll get paid. This way, you can be sure that your points are being put to good use!

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to generate some extra income, then selling Bluegreen timeshare points with Resort Travel Management is definitely the right choice. Contact us today to learn more!

How Does Our Timeshare Buying Service Work?

Generate Cash By Renting the Timeshare or Selling Your Unused Points

Market Your Property

We'll take care of advertising and finding vacationers to rent your timeshare, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Our experienced team knows how to get the best deals for our clients, so you are sure to get the best value for your timeshare.

Send You The Cash

Depending on the size of your timeshare unit, time of year, and demand, we will send you a timeshare payout. These payouts can range from $.05 to $.07 per point for any reservation that is booked using your points.

Collect Payments

Getting paid is quick! Our team collects payment from renters and then owners get paid shortly after check in.

Find Renters

Millions of people are always looking for a place to go on vacation, and want different options other than a standard hotel and we have the tools and over two decades of experience to find the perfect match for your timeshare.

How It Works

Get a Cash Payout For Any Unused Bluegreen Timeshare Points

Contact Resort Travel Management to Get Started!

The Bluegreen Points Process

Bluegreen timeshare rentals offer payouts between $.05 and $.07 per Bluegreen point, but these payment structures can vary depending on the size of the unit, time of year, and demand of the destination. Call our reps to find out more!

Our Resort Travel Management team handles the entire rental process, from accurately marketing the property and putting guest names on reservations to check-in emergencies and contacting Bluegreen directly for any issues. We also ensure that we are familiar with the surrounding areas and the properties, so we can answer any questions guests may ask us.

Do Bluegreen Points Expire?

Bluegreen points expiration dates vary depending on your contract use year, which you can find in your Bluegreen account. As an owner, you have the option to bank your points into next year and save them from expiration. Those points can then be used in combination with however many points they are allocated each year.

Another action you can take to prevent your Bluegreen points from expiring is letting Resort Travel Management allocate them for rentals. Rentals give you the opportunity to get your money back instead of letting your points go to waste. Additionally, by taking this route Resort Travel Management saves you from depositing Bluegreen points into an exchange company.

Reservation Fees

Resort Travel Management never charges any rental fees to the owner, and we will never deduct from the agreed payout. Any fees are included in the guest’s reservation when they complete a rental at Bluegreen resorts.

Spend your Bluegreen points with Resort Travel Management! When it comes to timeshares for sale or rent, our team prioritizes your best interests. By reusing your timeshare points with us, you maximize your Bluegreen membership both on the beach and off. Contact us today!


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