Generate Cash By Renting the Timeshare or Selling Your Points

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Your timeshare is amazing — when you get to use it. As amazing as it would be to have vacation all the time, the reality is that your timeshare points are accruing and they’re not being used in the way you want. Resort Travel Management will market your timeshare, find a renter, and will send you the cash! No maintenance fees, no contract fees, we’ll do all the work and you can enjoy how timeshare however you want! Contact our team to learn more or to get started!

Benefits of Selling Wyndham Timeshare Points With Resort Travel Management

  • Generate cash to help cover maintenance fees.
  • We do all the work, including marketing and selling the points.
  • Get a referral bonus when you sign up a qualified timeshare point owner.
  • No maintenance fees.
  • No contract.
  • You can still use the timeshare whenever you want.
  • You are not responsible for any damages incurred.
  • We guarantee that we’ll rent your timeshare.
  • Receive a source of income for your timeshare points.
  • An owner portal to track Wyndham rental reservations.


Generate Cash On Your Unused Timeshare Points


It can be tricky finding vacationers to rent your timeshare, so we’ll handle marketing your timeshare to ensure that it gets rented and that you get the money for it!


Resort Travel Management collects payments from the renters and you will receive a check from us in about three weeks after the timeshare is rented.


There are millions of people out there who want to go on vacation, and we’ll find them! We find renters that you can trust with your timeshare.


Depending on your Wyndham membership level, we will send you a timeshare payout. Payouts can range between $4 and $7 per 1,000 points.


The truth is that timeshares can be tricky programs. On the surface, it seems like a great deal. You can essentially go on vacation whenever you want! Get away from the cold winter season and spend a week at a beautiful resort in sunny and warm Florida. Or if you’re the adventurous type, you can book a stay at an exotic location, taking in all the sites, food, and culture.

However, in addition to the timeshare resort, you can also use your points to pay for the flight to your vacation, a cruise, a skydiving trip, or many other activities that you and your family want to try out while on vacation. But this is the important part — the actual cost of these things oftentimes is less than what you would spend in maintenance fees using your timeshare points. There must be a better way!

STOP PAYING MAINTENANCE FEES: Work With Resort Travel Management

How It Works

Get a Cash Payout For Any Unused Wyndham Timeshare Points

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Step 1 — Sign up with Resort Travel Management!

Whether you have 100,000 points or a million points, let our agents know how many you want to sell. Based on which Wyndham membership you signed up for originally, we’ll let you know upfront how much money you will get for your points. The timeshare payouts are as follows:

  • Platinum/Presidential - $6.50–$7 per 1,000 points
  • Gold - $5.50–$6 per 1,000 points
  • Silver - $5 per 1,000 points
  • Club - $4 per 1,000 points

We strive to make our process as transparent and efficient as possible. We never want you to feel unsure about what we do with your timeshare points, so we’ll give you all the information you need before you sign up with us.

Step 2 — Let Us Find a Timeshare Renter

Next, Resort Travel Management will work to make a reservation for your timeshare. We have a large client base of families and individuals who are excited to travel, rest, and get away from the stress of life! We’ll make sure that you’re not sitting on unused timeshare points and that you can get paid as quickly as possible. A significant benefit of working with us is that we guarantee results! We promise that we will find a renter for your timeshare and you can look forward to a quick turnaround and a check in your mailbox.

Step 3 — Get Paid!

When we have secured a reservation, we’ll cut a check for the exact amount that we quoted you in the beginning. You’ll get a check between two and three weeks after a reservation has been made for your Wyndham timeshare. Again, we don’t have any fees! So you can finally find a use for your unused timeshare points. If you’re looking to sell your Wyndham points, there’s only one company that is easy, friendly, and efficient to work with — Resort Travel Management.


You may be wondering what the benefit of selling timeshare points are when you can just go on vacation? When life gets busy, which seems like always, you don’t always use your timeshare points at all! So your hard earned money simply goes toward paying maintenance fees while other people get to enjoy your timeshare. If that’s not reason enough to sell your Wyndham timeshare, then here are a few more:

Cover Maintenance Fees

Something that many people don’t consider when they first purchase a timeshare are the maintenance fees, which can add up to $1,000 a year. Maintenance fees include the general upkeep of the resort or property, landscaping, utilities, staff salaries, and other expenses that make the resort presentable to people staying there. And maintenance fees are charged whether you stay at the resort or not. When you sell your Wyndham timeshare points through Resort Travel Management, the money you make can go toward covering these fees.

Create an Additional Income

Depending on how many points you have and would like to sell, the timeshare payout could create an additional income. For example, if you have a Gold Wyndham membership and have 800,000 points, you could earn up to $4,800! And this money can be used for whatever you want. Upgrade your kitchen, put a downpayment on a car, or simply put it into savings — there are endless possibilities for how you could spend your timeshare payout money.

Enjoy Your Timeshare Whenever You Want To

In an ideal world, we would all be able to use our timeshares multiple times a year, we would use all of our points, we wouldn’t spend any extra points on flights or cruises, and we would always get the window seat on the airplane. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and timeshare holders usually do have points left over. With Resort Travel Management, we make it easy to take the vacation you want to take and sell the timeshare points that you can’t use. It’s as close to ideal as possible.

Enjoy the Perks of a Higher Level Membership

There are several Wyndham timeshare levels — the higher the level, the more perks. With a Diamond Platinum membership, timeshare owners will get suite upgrades, early check-in and late check-out, car rental upgrades, and one million points. However, a family might not go on vacation enough to use all of the points. So any remaining points can be sold to Resort Travel Management. They get the perks of the higher level membership, and money for the unused points. It’s getting closer to that ideal world.


Get a Cash Payout For Any Unused Wyndham Timeshare Points

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Two Decades of Experience

The team at Resort Travel Management has been in the industry for years and we have worked with countless timeshare owners to ensure they are getting their money’s worth! We work with a variety of resorts and can make sure that when you do use your timeshare, that you’re booking with the best, at the best location, and getting all of the amenities that you want. From Cabo, Mexico to Park City, Utah, to Milano, Italy, we’ve worked with resorts around the world to ensure we’re giving our clients the best.

Customer Service

Working with a timeshare can be stressful, trying to manage booking around other people’s schedules, paying for flights, even trying to sell your points to certain companies can be challenging. At Resort Travel Management, we take pride in providing the best customer service to each and every one of our clients. Whether you’re selling 10,000 points or one million, we treat everyone with the care and attention they deserve.

Cater to Both Sellers and Buyers

Resort Travel Management works with people who want to sell Wyndham timeshare points and those who are looking to buy points. By partnering with both sides, we can offer everyone an experience that is smooth and efficient. We understand that you don’t need anything else to worry about when it comes to using or selling your points, so we’re here to help with anything we can.

Quick Turnaround

We want to give you every confidence that your Wyndham timeshare points won’t be sitting around. Because we work with both sellers and buyers, we’re able to provide a fast turnaround, making your life as stress-free as possible. When you have unused points burning a hole in your pocket, give Resort Travel Management a call and we’ll find a renter for you! Earn money or cover maintenance fees while we do all of the work.

Use Ragic to Track Reservations - Stay in the know with our Owner Portal!

Resort Travel Management wants to ensure that we provide full transparency for our customers. When you work with us, you’ll be able to log into an owner portal where you can easily track all of the rentals that are currently taking place, ones that were scheduled in the past, or any reservations that are scheduled for the future. Our system is easy to use and it provides all of the information you need, including how many timeshare points you have left or to monitor Wyndham timeshare rentals. We want to help you save time and money by making it easy to see exactly what you’re getting.


Above all, Resort Travel Management wants to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your Wyndham timeshare! If you have any questions about the process or what you need to do to get started, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re here to help!

Here are a few more things you should know about selling your Wyndham timeshare points.

We’ll Work With You

There are a variety of options for how to use or sell your timeshare points, and we’ll work with you to make sure it’s right. Here are a few popular routes that our clients choose:

  • Many of our clients will authorize us to rent a majority of their timeshare points, which means more money in your pocket!
  • Other clients will authorize a certain amount, leaving them the opportunity to make any travel plans. When plans are made, they’ll authorize the remaining points for us to rent out.
  • And some clients will authorize us to use all of their points. If they use some of the points on a vacation, they’ll let us know and we’ll make all of the necessary adjustments on our end.

Banked Points

Timeshare owners have an option to “bank” any unused points and use them the following year. However, many people aren’t aware of this option, and unused points are lost when the year is over. We recommend authorizing us to use any remaining points so that they aren’t lost when your contractual year is up. We’ll also monitor your balance and expiration dates so we can let you know when you should bank your points. Again, we’re here to make sure you get the most out of your timeshare!

Maintenance Fees

The only thing that we ask when you work with Resort Travel Management is that your maintenance fees are current in order for us to rent your timeshare points. We understand that no one likes paying maintenance fees, but we can assure you that you’re in good hands with our experts.


If you’re sitting on unused Wyndham timeshare points, don’t let them go to waste! Resort Travel Management will market your timeshare, find a renter, and will pay you for the reservation! Earn extra money, cover maintenance fees, enjoy perks for a higher membership level, and more! You can’t go wrong when you work with the best.

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