Here at Resort Travel Management, we pay cash for timeshare points! If you hold timeshare points through a major timeshare brand – including Wyndham/Worldmark, Bluegreen, and Diamond – we’ll give you cash in exchange for your timeshare points! Here’s how it works:

Simply tell one of our agents how many points you’d like to sell. Then, we’ll provide you with a fixed quote for the price we’ll pay for your points. Next, we’ll seek out a third party to purchase your points in the form of a reservation. Finally, once a reservation is booked, the cash is yours! We pride ourselves in offering speedy payments; we maximize the dollar amount our clients receive for their points; and we provide quick results.

Remember: we will NEVER ask for any fees! We do not require legal fees, contract fees or any sort of payment. If someone is asking you for money up front, that is not our business. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.