The last thing you want is to be sitting in an air conditioned office, dreaming wistfully of relaxing at your Marriott timeshare. Even worse, however, is the thought of sitting somewhere that’s slightly on the bleak side, knowing that your unused timeshare points are on the verge of expiration. Resort Travel Management is here to help, and can turn your points into a payout through our program with Marriott!


The starting rate for any membership level involves payout at $.35 per point. This makes it easily calculable to see how much additional income you can expect to receive. We know you don’t want your points to expire, so we have structured our payouts to help get your timeshare points rented. Resort Travel Management has always been committed to helping our clients, and to also never surprise anyone with hidden fees or unpredictable costs.

Sitting at your desk in a cold office might not be as ideal as relaxing poolside at your Marriott timeshare, but knowing that your points are being utilized to their fullest potential can make all the difference. Start working with the experts at Resort Travel Management, and you can rest easy knowing that your points are not only saved, they’re being put to good use. Contact us now to get started.