Why Is Resort Travel The Best Place To Rent Your Timeshare Points?

Why Is Resort Travel The Best Place To Rent Your Timeshare Points?

Your travel plans can either be scheduled perfectly, encompassing weeks’ worth of research, or they can be spontaneous and involve little to no planning at all. At Resort Travel Management, based out of Williamsburg, VA, we understand that when you can take a vacation is flexible and different every year, which means your timeshare points may go unused. Our top travel management company is designed to operate as a timeshare exchange program, renting or selling your timeshare points to others who may be able to use them! Discover all the reasons why Resort Travel is the best place to rent your timeshare points and contact us anytime to get started!

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No Upfront or Extra Fees

The Resort Travel Management team is proud to help travelers make the best use out of their racked up timeshare points, in the most affordable way possible. We pride ourselves on being a top travel management company that doesn’t charge our clients any extra fees; when you choose to work with us, you will never be subjected to legal fees, contract fees, or anything of the sort. Our Resort Travel business is focused entirely on connecting you with other vacationers who would love to sue your timeshare points — if anyone asks you for money upfront, that’s not our policy!

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Flexible Depending on Your Travel Plans & Needs

You may already have an idea of which timeshare points you want to sell for cash, but if you don’t, that’s perfectly fine! Our goal at Resort Travel Management is to truly function as a top travel management company, and a major priority of ours is to be as flexible as possible. If you’re anticipating using some of your timeshare points, but don’t have any solid plans yet, you are more than capable of renting or selling some now and others later on. Our agents have been in the timeshare points rental business for over ten years, and are here to get you results whenever you need.

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Capable of Working With Different Companies & Properties

There’s an unlimited number of possible vacation destinations and timeshare rental properties your family can take advantage of. However, you should still benefit from your points even if you can’t use them! Our top travel management company is capable of renting or selling your vacation points to buyers no matter what brand they belong to, including Wyndham, Worldmark, Shell, Hilton, Bluegreen, and Marriott. It’s our mission at Resort Travel to ensure you’re not out hundreds or thousands of dollars when your schedule is unpredictable.

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Guaranteed Timeshare Point Sales

Results matter when it comes to working with large-scale, expensive vacation timeshares. Working with our Resort Travel Management agents provides you with a simple guarantee: we’ll rent out (or sell) your timeshare points, and pay you the large dividends you deserve. As we strive to be a top travel management company, we have the ability to purchase an unlimited amount of timeshare points from our clients, in order to help as many buyers and sellers as possible. Simply contact one of our agents today to discuss the process!

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