What Makes Resort Travel Management The Best

What Makes Resort Travel Management The Best

Resort Travel Management aims to connect timeshare owners with people wanting to buy a timeshare. We understand that life changes and we don’t want your timeshare points to go to waste. If you have points that you need to get rid of, reach out to us today! We’ve got you covered. If you’re wondering why you should work with us, keep on reading.

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Resort Travel Management brings 20+ years of travel experience into our business. We understand how timeshare transactions work, and we can help yours go smoothly. If you’re looking to off-board some timeshare points, we are here for you. We work with companies like Wyndham, Worldmark, and Shell and have rented out over 18 million points. To talk to one of our timeshare experts by contacting us today.

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We work with all of the major timeshare programs in the country, meaning if you need to sell timeshare points, we are likely qualified and experienced with your timeshare program. We also handle the entire process. We are a full-service rental agency. Once you contact us and we get the process started, you are completely hands-off. No extra fees and your paycheck is sent directly to you. We even pay your maintenance fees for you! To view our process, head to our website!

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We work with you to ensure that your experience is hassle-free. Once you sign up with us, you can authorize the number of timeshare points that you want to off-board annually. If you change your mind, you can make modifications as you see fit! We want you to be able to benefit from your unspent timeshare points. Working with a travel management company has never been easier!

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The Guarantee

Resort Travel Management’s guarantee is pretty straightforward. When we rent out your timeshare, we send you money, and we guarantee results. We promise to rent out your timeshare.

Manage Your Timeshare Points With Resort Travel Today

If you are looking to sell timeshare points and benefit from what you cannot or do not want to use, reach out to us today, we would love to help you out. See how we can help you today!

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