Do you have points to use from your timeshare? Typically travel management companies encourage using them for travel perks or maintenance fee’s. What they don’t want you to be aware of is how much the price is exploited up when you use those points for perks, i.e. airline miles, cruises, hotels, etc. At Resort Travel Management, we have found a way to not only save you points, but make money with them! Don’t throw away your valuable points any longer.


Your timeshare company will encourage you to spend your timeshare points in other arenas. When you have the versatility to use them for flights or hotels, it creates the illusion that you are saving money by using points you already have. However, if we look at the rate those perks actually cost, you will see that you are paying more by using timeshare points.

For example:

A round trip airline ticket would normally cost around $300 to $500. If we equate the amount of points it would cost you, it would be around $1,000 equivalent in maintenance fees. If you’re looking at taking a cruise, priced around $500 to $700 per person for 7 nights, which could equate to $3,000 worth of maintenance fees. The equivalent prices can be astronomical in comparison to the dollar amount you would initially pay, while still not covering your maintenance fees.



Resort Travel Management has a much better solution, and it even puts money in your pocket. When you sell your timeshare points to us, you can rest assured that your property is taken care of by professionals without any expense to you. Rather than trading in valuable points, we are able to find qualified, trustworthy renters who purchase those timeshares and make you money! In addition, choosing Resort Travel Management to rent your points also saves you money on the back end. Using your timeshare company to rent your property incurs a lot of extra, hidden fees that end up costing you more.


Understanding the options renting provides you with is crucial to knowing which is best to choose. We know companies are out to make more money off of you, which is why our mission is to pay for your maintenance fees and make you money. When you choose to sell your timeshare points with us, you are getting a guarantee that we will rent out your timeshare, and in turn, pay for your points. It’s that easy!

Resort Travel Management accepts points from all major timeshare companies such as Wyndham/Worldmark, Bluegreen, and Diamond. With no amount limit, you can choose just how many of your points you’d like to sell us, and we provide a fixed rate for what we promise to pay in exchange. Don’t waste your points when you could be making a profit and have your maintenance fees covered! Call Resort Travel Management today to get started.