At Resort Travel Management, we believe in providing people with the help they need to have the best experience possible when it comes to their timeshares. But we are more than just timeshare rental company. We believe that helping those in our community is just as important as helping our customers, which is why we’re proud to announce our sponsorship for an upcoming auction happening with the WJCC Community Action Agency!

In addition to sponsoring this event, we’re donating a resort stay in Virginia Beach to be bid on at the auction. Find out more about the Community of Stars event, and get the most out of your timeshare points by working with Resort Travel Management!



The Williamsburg-James City County Community Action Agency is a non-profit corporation in Virginia. As a Community Action Agency (CAA, otherwise known as Community Action Programs or CAPs) are “private, non-profit human service and advocacy organizations that were established by Congress and the President over 30 years ago to fight poverty by opening the doors to self-sufficiency.”

More specifically, the WJCC CAA provides emergency help to people who are in poverty or are in crisis. Anything from unemployment to poor housing, to nutritional deficits and a lack of overall opportunities are all issues that are addressed for people in the community who are suffering. The WJCC prides itself on not just solely helping the immediate needs of the community, but also providing training in developing self-sufficiency skills.


This event is a chance for the WJCC Community Action Agency to raise funds to help others in the community, specifically to help children in the Head Start program. There will be live entertainment, dancing, music, and a fabulous dinner, all of which will be followed by an exciting auction. At the live auction, guests can bid on incredible packages and prizes (including an amazing free resort stay in Virginia Beach, donated by all of us here at Resort Travel Management!).



Ford’s Colony Country Club, a gorgeous venue and event space in Williamsburg, will be hosting this event. The ambiance and decor is sure to impress, and have a wonderful impact on the evening.


There’s hardly a better time of year than the early days of summer. With trees and flowers fully in bloom, temperate weather, and a sunset that comes around later and later, you simply can’t beat the idyllic nature of this event. Join us on June 1st for what is sure to be an outstanding evening!


Did you know that preschool is often considered one of the most important years in a child’s life? In fact, not attending preschool has been correlated with lower graduation rates, higher rates of imprisonment, and even has lasting negative effects on a child’s performance in school.

With how vital and necessary preschool is, you would think every child is attending (or even should be attending), but this is not the case. Preschool programs are often expensive, and families with lower levels of consistent income cannot afford to send their children. Head Start is an early childhood educational program that makes preschool available and affordable for families in need, and is instrumental in helping close the achievement gap.

By supporting this event, you are donating to a program that has been proven to make a difference — not only in the individual lives of children, but for families and communities everywhere.

Community of Stars Dine & Dinner promises to be a magical evening, one that is promoting an even more magical cause. Resort Travel Management is proud to sponsor and contribute to such an imperative initiative. We hope to see you at the June 1st event, and don’t forget to bid on a resort stay in Virginia Beach! Your generosity is so appreciated.

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