At Resort Travel Management, we make it easier for you to stress less about your vacation points. We understand that life happens and travel plans can easily change. That is why we do what we do. We help you rent your points to other people, ensuring that you get money for your unused points with less worry.

One of the timeshare vacation ownership programs that we work with is Wyndham. This vacation ownership program helps make your vacation even more exciting and easy with over 150 different resorts to choose from. Wyndham and Worldmark work together to help you vacation like a pro. Many other timeshares only offer certain locations, times, and resorts where you can use your points, but with Wyndham you are not restricted to these terms. You can choose from just about anywhere, and any time, to create the perfect vacation.

If you are a Wyndham member, you may have noticed a few changes they have made to their system. With every system update, there are positives and negatives, features that make handling your membership easier and some that take a little more time to figure out.

Since we work with Wyndham members to help them sell their points to others, we figured we would go over these system changes to help make navigating the new system easier for you.

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New System, A Few Bugs

Wyndham recntly rolled out a new system for members. New systems always have bugs, and Wyndham is working to be sure they all get fixed. Take note, these bugs are creating extremely long phone hold times, so if you need to call Wyndham for any reason, be prepared to sit on hold until these problems are fixed.

There are currently glitches with the online reservations. This glitch defers reservations from updating as they should, which means that some reservations cannot be canceled. Wyndham assures us, bug fixes are on the way! Until then, we will take a look at some of the great things that Wyndham has created with their new system:


Things We Like

We have all dealt with systems and services that are not user-friendly. They make it difficult to complete a task that should be simple. But Wyndham has upgraded their system, adding in features and tools to help make it more user-friendly and better for its members.

One change they made was making the member’s point balance much easier to view. You can find your points balance under transactions, making it easier for you to keep track of your points; this feature is especially helpful when it comes to canceling a reservation, enabling you to see when your points have been returned. They also made it simpler to track your past vacations. You can see your previous travels with ease, so that you can stay on top of your membership information. Wyndham also made it easier to view guest certificate balances.

Members can now sign up for automatic upgrades when they become available. However, with the new system, there are less upgrades available. We are unsure if Wyndham will change this later on.

Along with being able to view a guest certificate balance with ease, that system made it quicker to confirm a guest name has been added. The confirmation is almost automatically completed when you add a guest’s name. There may be a couple hours delay, but members no longer need to wait for a full 24 hours. It is always nice getting a confirmation instantly, knowing that everything was processed correctly.

Everyone loves saving money, so the fact that Wyndham reduced their transaction fees is a great change to the system! Transaction fees have been reduced to $19, enjoy the savings and start planning your next vacation!

This new system from Wyndham rolled out in May, we are hopeful that the bugs have been fixed and the glitches taken care of. Wyndham is a great service for those who want to travel with ease and with complete flexibility. But sometime vacation plans can get ruined—life happens all the time.

When you are stuck with your points from Wyndham, or one of the other timeshare companies that we work with, Resort Travel Management can help. If you have points that you hate to see just sit there, unused, we can help you find someone to buy them from you, so you can get paid while someone else enjoys a vacation!

If you are ready to get rid of your extra points and do not plan on taking a vacation any time soon, contact Resort Travel Management. We will turn your points into cash; you and the buyer will get exactly what they desire. See our FAQs or contact us if you have any additional questions.