Opting out of a timeshare is a big step to take. How do you know if you’re ready? There are multiple reasons you may be looking to hand over your timeshare to a company, but before you jump ship, take a few aspects into consideration. It may be that you simply need another option for your timeshare for a time, versus having to get out of it completely. Let’s take a look at some identifiers that can help you determine your next step with your timeshare.



One of the best parts of retirement is the time you now have to enjoy the world outside of work. Traveling is one of the favorite pastimes for those in retirement. However, if you have reached an age where traveling is extremely difficult, or perhaps have undergone a surgery that inhibits your traveling, it may be time to consider other options. If this is the scenario you find yourself in, Resort Travel Management is here to help you find a solution. We can recommend trustworthy companies with great reputations. While you are in the process of working though leaving your timeshare, we have an option you can take that will still earn you money while you can’t use it. Resort Travel Management can rent your property during your process with one of the companies we recommend. That means you can be earning money to help recover maintenance fees, even when you’re ending your contract with a timeshare.



Life gets busy. Often times, as each year goes by, the less and less time you have available for yourself. Sometimes it’s the year of graduation for the young ones, or the long awaited wedding, or a baby was born into the family. Whatever the case may be, these milestones can derail you from spending time with your Diamond, Wyndham or Bluegreen timeshare. While it may seem time to move on from your relaxing days, don’t jump just yet! Just because you don’t have time this year does not mean you won’t have time in the future. Instead, let Resort Travel Management help you earn back on your investment while you tend to necessary things at home. We work with you on your timeshare and find trustworthy, qualified renters for your property to protect your investment, and allow you the time you need to get out and enjoy the sun again. Don’t give up on your much-needed R&R time, reach out to Resort Travel Management today and earn back on your investment!


If you haven’t been able to use your timeshare points for much lately and you’re looking into exchanging them or using them for other avenues, such as a cruise, be wary of the direction you take. Too often, companies will take advantage of the exchange process and overcharge you, plus add on additional fees. Consequently, you become limited with where and when your points can be used. The locations available are limited, and may not have your desired destination in the lineup to choose from. Additionally, when you use your points through an exchange company, you end up paying more in point value than you would in retail value. Instead Resort Travel Management has the solution for you! Renting your points out will give you a return on investment, as well as allowing you to go where you’d like to for the best value.

Resort Travel Management is your Top Rated National travel company that connects timeshare owners trying to get rid of their points, and those searching for a timeshare location to enjoy. By choosing Resort Travel, you are ensuring that the money invested in your timeshare isn’t wasted! When we can rent out your timeshare, you are actually earning benefits back and covering maintenance fees in the process. Contact Resort Travel Management today to learn more about how we can help you. Proudly serving Wyndham, Bluegreen, and Diamond timeshares.