As a timeshare owner, you need an easy way to keep track of your points. This shouldn’t have to be a hassle, it shouldn’t require phone calls or guesswork. The good news is that when you work with Resort Travel Management, that won’t be the case. Resort Travel Management is proud to introduce and announce Ragic, an online owner portal that can help you manage and see your timeshare points.

With Ragic, overseeing your timeshare points and timeshare rental as a whole has never been more convenient. See some of the ways this platform can make a difference, and consult with Resort Travel Management to get money for your timeshare points!


The transparency provided from our owner portal shows itself in two ways. For starters, you get a chance to see every single rental that takes place. This means you can see and confirm reservations that have occurred in the past, any reservations that are currently occurring, or any reservations that will take place in the future.

Secondly, by using Ragic, you’re also using the same system that we use internally. This means you’re on the same platform that our staff relies upon, so there’s no second guessing or chance for misinformation. Plus, any potential issues can be resolved with a person from our team, because we have experience and familiarity with the site.



With Ragic, you can do so much more than simply view the timeshare points taken out of your account. You can view reservations that have been made with your timeshare points, as well as what you’re getting paid for each one. Additionally, you can review information on the initial number of points you’ve authorized for us to rent, and manage your balance as a whole. It’s also incredibly easy for you to track your upcoming timeshare rental payment, and see when it will come through. Considering this is all in the same platform, you can oversee your payments and point balances with ease, and Ragic can be accessed conveniently through our site!

Diamond Timeshare Owners

If you have a Diamond timeshare and are part of the secondary rental program, you can determine which kind of reservation was made. This provides a unique and more in-depth look into the usage of your timeshare points.


In the past, managing timeshare points took time and wasn’t especially efficient. When you work with Resort Travel Management, it takes hardly any time or effort to see where your timeshare points are at, and to monitor your timeshare rentals. Simply log in to Ragic to access incredible data and information, presented in a user-friendly manner.

Resort Travel Management was recently voted “Best Travel Agency” by The Virginia Gazette, and so much of this comes from our dedication to make your timeshare rental process a worry-free one. From Wyndham timeshare rentals to Bluegreen, to Marriott and more, we can help you maximize your timeshare, even when you’re at home. With our new Ragic owner portal, this can be done in the simplest and easiest of ways. Contact Resort Travel Management today to get the best out of your timeshare rental experience!