In our previous blog we touch on some indicators that it may be time to exit your timeshare. Today, we want to go through how the process actually works, what you should be cautious of, and some of the absolute need-to-knows before taking on this endeavor. Timeshares are wonderful, but when it’s time to let go, you want to be covered. Here are some of the pieces of advice we have to help with the exiting process.



Exiting from a timeshare can be extremely tricky and an absolute hassle. Companies will jump to “help you” hand over your timeshare, but wait before you take their generous offer. Too often, companies will claim to be the best option for exiting your timeshare, but will charge you exponentially more than necessary. Do some research to learn more about your timeshare and what it’s value is. The more knowledge you can gain in regards to your timeshare, the better off you’ll be when the time comes to choose a company to help.



If you have ever signed a contract and had it come back to bite you, you’ll understand this piece of advice. Timeshares make a big money symbol in the buyer’s eyes. The sections that seem to be too dense to clarify can be easy to skip over, but don’t. Many times the clauses include manipulating details that should be sifted through. In the instance that you don’t understand legal conversation or don’t want to take the time to go through the entire contract with the potential to miss something, take your contract to a contract lawyer. This will ensure complete transparency of what the contract is saying, and allows you a third party opinion on the entire process. Be sure to scan the portion of exiting your timeshare, and what all is included.


While companies are becoming more reasonable in allowing timeshare owners to exit their contract, it is still a growing process. There are many companies who will tell you they blatantly can not take back their timeshare and you are unable to be released from your contract. Quite simply, it is not true. They may not willingly take back their timeshare, but they absolutely can. If they try to suggest you put your timeshare up for sale, be immediately wary of the company and stop any business transactions you have with them.



If you are in the middle of an exit program with your timeshare and you have already covered your maintenance fees for the year, consider letting Resort Travel Management step in to help!

The company you’re working with to exit your program will not reimburse you for those costs, but Resort Travel can. We can take your points and rent them out to qualified renters, quickly, resulting in cash back that will help cover the closing costs.

Resort Travel Management is here to help you balance out the points you don’t use in a way that benefits you and your pocket book. Exiting a timeshare is necessary when you reach a specific point in your life, and we can help ease the transition of the process. Do plenty of research, and let Resort Travel help cover costs but renting out your timeshare points. We work with Diamond, Bluegreen, and Wyndham. Contact us today to learn more!