It’s the classic situation of loving your timeshare, but feeling the pressure of having points that are on the verge of expiration. We can’t just drop everything and fly to our Hilton timeshare whenever we want (though that would be amazing). With Resort Travel Management you can get the best of both worlds, regardless of if you’re on vacation or not.


Our Hilton timeshare points program is more of a recent venture for us, but has already proved to be very successful. We make sure your timeshare points are rented before they expire, maximizing your timeshare at Hilton, wherever you may be. As an added bonus, we cover the guest fee and the reservation fee that is charged by Hilton. The payout is fixed at $.12 per point, and we hold to our promise of never surprising you with unexpected fees or deductions.

Instead of letting points sit and eventually expire, you can let RTM help them thrive. Make the most of your timeshare rental experience by having your points utilized to their fullest potential. You can’t always be at your timeshare, but your timeshare can be there for you. Work with the experts at Resort Travel Management to get the payout you deserve—contact us today to get started!