Your timeshare is amazing when you get to use it. As amazing as it would be to have vacation all the time, the reality is your timeshare points are accruing and they’re not being used the in the way you want. Whether you’re staying at your timeshare or simply wishing you could get away, you should be able to maximize your timeshare.

This is where Resort Travel Management comes in. We work to connect the people looking for Wyndham timeshares for sale or for rent, and utilize unused timeshare points to generate cash. The membership structure is not only dynamic, but offers different benefits for each level of membership. These membership

 points can be rented from the Club level to the Presidential, turning your Wyndham timeshare into an amazing experience—even when you’re not there. Through working with us, your points will be rented before expiring, and you’ll bear witness to the enormous benefits from this program (your wallet will, too). 


Payouts vary from $4 to $7 per 1,000 points, and your rental potential can reach up to $7,000 on a million points. Your Wyndham timeshare that you’re looking to sell or rent can find success through Resort Travel Management. Contact us today to get started.